Media Group Apologizes for Saying Will Smith Called Hitler a 'Good Person'

Lawyers for Will Smith say a British media group has apologized for a story that falsely claimed the U.S. actor said Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was a good person.

Celebrity news and photo service World Entertainment News Ltd., or WENN, published an article in December about a Smith interview that appeared in a Scottish newspaper.

Smith's lawyer, Rachel Atkins, said, "The defendant published an article about the claimant entitled Smith: Hitler was a Good Person. The article alleged that the claimant had declared in an interview that Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was a good person."

"It wholly misrepresents the claimant's actual words, given in an interview to the Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper and Web site," Atkins said.

WENN apologized for the piece, but Smith's lawyers say that was not enough. WENN has now made a formal apology at London's high court, and agreed to pay unspecified damages.

WENN'S lawyer, John Melville-Smith, says the company accepts that the report was wrong and is apologizing.