Baby Doctors Said Would Be Deaf, Blind Born Healthy

A baby that doctors said would be deaf, blind and only live a few hours is now healthy and attempting to talk, it is being reported.

According to the Daily Mail, doctors urged Becky and Kriss Kramer of Pembroke Dock in South Wales, to abort their baby saying he would be born with rhomboencephalosynapsis — a condition that affects fewer than one in a million people worldwide.

But the couple defied doctors' advice and their son Brandon was born healthy on Oct. 1 last year.

The baby is now teething and attempting to talk, it was reported.

"The fact that he is here now, alive and kicking, truly is a miracle," Kriss Kramer, 24, told the Daily Mail.

"I feel incredibly guilty thinking that I could have killed him, and then I find myself wondering how many other babies are killed who would have turned out to be completely healthy," said Becky Kramer, 23.

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