Woman Who Had Child With Boy Groom Released From Jail

A Georgia woman who married a 15-year-old boy and later had his child has been released from prison after serving two years for helping her teenage husband flee from authorities.

Lisa Lynette Clark was released from the Metro State Prison in south DeKalb County, Ga., before 10 a.m. Friday.

Officials with the state Department of Corrections said Clark was to report immediately to the probation office in Douglas County. That's where she pleaded guilty to aiding her teenage husband's flight out of state in February 2006. The teen had been on probation for a burglary. Authorities caught him within two weeks and brought him back to Georgia.

Officials said she is banned from Hall and Dawson counties.

On Nov. 8, 2005, Clark, who was then 37, and her teenage lover were married by a retired Dawson County probate judge in the driveway of his home. They took advantage of a legal loophole that allowed a minor to marry without permission from a parent or guardian if the bride is pregnant.

Georgia's state law sets the marrying age at 16, but had allowed an exception for younger people to marry if the bride was pregnant. The law was changed in 2006, and now 16- and 17-year-olds can wed only with the approval of a parent or guardian and a probate judge.

Hall County authorities arrested Clark the next day on charges of sexually molesting a minor.

Clark gave birth while behind bars and agreed to leave the child with foster parents in Douglas County.

Governor Perdue signed legislation in April 2006 closing a loophole in state law that allowed couples of any age to get married without parental consent in the case of a pregnancy.