Woman Injected With Cleaning Fluid During Childbirth to Get Nearly $10 Million

A U.K. woman who was accidentally injected with cleaning fluid during childbirth has been awarded nearly $10 million, it is reported by the Daily Mail.

Angelique Sutcliffe, 47, suffered severe neurological damage that has left her in a wheelchair since receiving the botched epidural injection just before the birth of her daughter seven years ago, according to the report.

Sutcliffe received the epidural because she was having a painful time giving birth to her daughter Abigail at the University Hospital in Aintree, Liverpool.

The needle, however, was contaminated with chlorhexidine — a fluid used as a hospital antiseptic, according to the report.

Sutcliffe suffered a severe headache, confusion, restlessness and was seen thrashing around on her bed shortly after, the Daily Mail wrote.

Suftcliffe's fight for compensation reached an appeals court, which awarded her 5 million pounds or about $9.8 million this week, it is reported.

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