Mayor Who Stole City Money to Buy Darth Vader Voice Distorter Starts Jail Sentence

A former mayor in Australia has turned himself in at court to begin serving a jail sentence for stealing a refrigerator, women's underwear and a Darth Vader voice distorter.

Peter Adamson, 47, the former lord mayor of Darwin, lost an appeal on February 15 after being found guilty of using stolen council funds and gift vouchers to go on a "spending spree." He was also found guilty of false accounting.

Adamson had 14 days to turn himself in at Darwin Magistrate's Court to start serving a seven-month prison sentence, suspended after two months.

He walked through the court doors about 8:45 a.m. Friday and refused to talk to journalists before being taken down to the cells to be processed about half an hour later.

He was expected to be taken in a prison van to Berrimah Prison some time before midday.

When Chief Justice Brian Martin dismissed Adamson's appeal, he calling him a liar, unimpressive and a fraud.

The former CLP minister was found guilty last July of false accounting and stealing from the council around $2,500 in goods and gift vouchers.

One of the items, a refrigerator, later turned up in an East Timorese thrift store while police found women's underwear, hair dyes and the "Star Wars" voice distorter at Adamson's home and council office.