Florida Teens Accost Reporter After Mom Goes 'On Strike' From Caring for Them

An Ocala, Fla., mother has been charged with child neglect after "going on strike" from taking care of her four boys, MyFOXOrlando reports. Melissa Dean became so frustrated with her out-of-control kids that she left home and moved in with her boyfriend.

FOX 35 in Orlando sent a reporter to the family's home to investigate the story, unaware that things were about to get so heated with the teen boys that they would have to call the police.

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The boys surrounded the reporter's van, and one of Dean's sons became so upset he started screaming and coming repeatedly towards the TV camera.

According to a police report, Dean told officials that she had lost control of her children and could not get any help from the police or the court system, MyFOXOrlando reports.

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