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I actually found your "corner" surfing the Web, comparing USA online news outlets to see if any of them actually talked about the very serious issues facing the United States today.

Anyway, your commentary that Iraq has created terrorism, not suppressed it, and your understanding that things are going to hell in a handbasket in Afghanistan is refreshing, to say the least. I am a USMC veteran and have worked overseas for many years and, like you, can see that the biggest potential threats to the USA is the resurgence of Russia, Pakistan spinning out of control, Afghanistan going back to the Taliban, the entire Middle East (and much of the rest of the world as well) hating our guts because of our unexplainable, biased support of Israel at all costs, China, Japan and India eating our lunch economically and a crashing stock market. (Did I miss anything?)

So the question is, are you as worried about your grandchildren as I am about mine? — Norton

Col. Hunt: Norton, thank you for all you have done for our country. I have found three things that are moving us toward disaster. No one is held responsible for anything, no one will lead and we are all kneeling at the altar of political correctness. I am oversimplifying of course, but not much. I am very worried for my grandchildren. We have made such a mess of this current "war." Those running for office do not inspire me at all. I also think the current crop of senior military leaders is part of the problem as well.

I have always appreciated and enjoyed your commentary on FOX News. As a retired Air Force Senior MSgt, I applaud the effort by you and Bill O'Reilly for a new GI Bill. I also think there is a great opportunity for other veterans to assist those coming out of the military.

If some formal system could be set up where people like me, who have made the transition back to civilian life, could mentor people getting out of the service, I think it would have a very positive impact. There are literally thousands of us who could help, beyond the simple act of donating money.

Although I am active in several veterans organizations, I do not know of the existence of such a program. Since you have the ear of "Big Bill," perhaps you could bring the idea to him for amplification. Thank you for your time, consideration, your military service to our country and your continued service to our country through the media and support of our veteran brothers and sisters. — Terry

Col. Hunt: Terry, there is one guy that I know who is doing this, Don Mills, a former Special Forces soldier, is attempting what you suggest. Obviously it is huge job. I will pass the idea on to "Big Bill." Thank you for your service.

I read this morning regarding the prosecution and conviction of yet another warrior in Iraq. Sgt. Vela, USA, sniper team, 10 years. I'm sure you know the circumstances, as reported on

The Army/Marines are eating their young with increasing regularity. The power and influence of military prosecutors, always out of harm's way, is increasing exponentially. This is dysfunctional, almost self-destructive. Generals Patton and H.M. Smith would never have tolerated this insanity for all the obvious reasons.

Do I encourage my four teenage sons to serve under these conditions? Maybe not. — M. E. Medvetz, Colonel USMC (Ret), Henniker, NH

Col. Hunt: M.E. thank you for you service, even though you clearly chose the wrong service. The selection of our services senior officers is broken. We have not held a senior officer responsible in 50 years. The truth M.E is right now many of these "leaders" do not deserve your sons.

Thanks for a great article. You might be the smartest colonel since Hack! I know you are different than Col. Hackworth and that, of course, is what made and makes our military the best in the world.

I served with the 101st in Vietnam (Nov. '68 to Nov. '69). If you and replace Vietnam with Iraq, things are like they were than. We have learned nothing. What a tragedy.

Thanks for pointing it out, I wish you had your own show, I would never miss it! I must tell you that from the beginning I was against the war, but like a good soldier, once we committed I said we need 450,000 to 500,000 boots in Iraq, not even counting Afghanistan. I had my own "plan" for Bagdad, it was simply had a lot of flexibility and main objective was to disarm everyone in the city!

I never got past a buck Sergeant (E-5) squad leader, how can I see the mistakes and all the people above me can't! I have just been totally dismayed at the lack of effort by all other aspects of our government as you are. Our military is OUTSTANDING and our government support has been inept. Thanks again! — Pat

Col. Hunt: Pat, welcome home brother. Hack and I were good friends right up until a year before he died. He was the best soldier we have had in 100 years. Sergeants run the world, while we officers take the credit. You are, of course, right about the military and a government, who continues to do so poorly by them.

First of all thank you for all you have done and are doing for our military people, and thank you for "your" service.

Since you are retired military, as John McCain is, how do you feel about people calling McCain all kinds of names on the Bill O'Reilly message board and nothing is down about it. Names like "pimp", his military career has been in question and criticized, his POW status has been in question and criticized along with all kinds of name calling but the name "pimp" topped it all off.

McCain, you Col. Hunt, my husband who served 25 years on active duty and one tour in Vietnam as well as many other military retirees have NOT deserved to be insulted and called all kinds of names. Because of our military and retired military people these hateful individuals have their freedom and freedom of speech yet what McCain is being called on the O'Reilly board is not free speech in my book, but pure hate speech.

I/we are shocked that O'Reilly does not clean it up. Maybe you can have a talk with him. It upsets us that a man who served 22 yrs on active duty, a POW for 5 1/2 years is called a pimp among a bunch of other names and his military career/POW status is being criticized.

P.S. We wish YOU would run for president because you would clean house, no doubt about it. — Barbara (Louisville, KY)

Col. Hunt: Barbara, I will pass this to Mr. O. I agree that McCain nor anyone who served deserve the crap being thrown at them. On being president, I would love the "cleaning" part, but not the rest.

Every time I see you on FOX, I am reminded why I am proud to be an American.

You are a great American, Col. Hunt. — Scott

Col. Hunt: Scott, thank you.

I'm a WWII vet, and my time is about over, however, I am especially grateful that you are still active in the pursuit of our national pride and integrity.

Hopefully there will always be someone like you, to carry the banner always forward. It is, I'm afraid it's a never ending task. I long for the national pride that existed after WWII. I hope someday it returns. In the meantime, I wish you God speed! — Paul (Indiana)

Col. Hunt: Paul, thank you for your service. I agree with you on the pride issue and I think one of the reasons for it is a lack of sacrifice. When 9/11 happened, the president did not ask for it; I know we would have given it. It is not too late.

You are either stupid or ignorant of history. It took our country decades to become a democracy and we would have been defeated by the British if it had not been for the French.

It took us, at a minimum, from before 1776 until well after our Civil War of 1865 before we became a stable democracy. You have no justification to criticize Iraq because I think they are doing very well against a brutal enemy and with a society that is not accustomed to negotiation and compromise. — Gary (Wabasha, MN)

Col. Hunt: Hey, Gary from one stupid and ignorant ass to another I got your "history" RIGHT HERE! I said we are doing great against the enemy when he shows up but … now pay attention, put down the beer, turn of the television … it is not the Iraq society that is the problem, it's their government that is incompetent and corrupt. Our democracy was founded by the likes of Adams, Jefferson and Franklin, brilliant and highly ethical men. You wanna compare them to what we are seeing in Iraq? OK, you can go back to putting you head in the sand. You need some more starches in your diet to feed the right side of your brain; your cognitive skills are a little embarrassing.

Thanks so much for your insight. Who establishes the military's ROE ? If I did not know any better, I would think it was the press or a group of spineless attorneys concerned about covering their asses.

I always thought the ROE was too soft , but my concerns increased when my nephew was about to leave for Iraq for his second tour. When I was saying goodbye, I asked him to be safe and shoot first and ask questions later.

His reply was, "Don't worry, we have a motto in my Marine recon unit ... it's better to be tried by 12 then carried by 6." This really upset me. What can be done about the weakness of our leaders? — Fred (Lake Villa, IL)

Col. Hunt: Fred, may God keep your nephew safe. The ROE (Rules of Engagement, which literally mean when you can shot bad guys) written by lawyers approved by generals and bureaucrats in DC are pathetic. The ROE are designed to protect the generals and politicians from the realities of war. One such reality is, innocent lives are lost or bad things happen to good people. The generals who approve this insipid rules are reckless and the politians shameful. DO NOT GO TO WAR UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO DO BAD THINGS.

My dad is a WWll vet and I am trying to get "Aide and Attendance" benefits for him. He lives in a personal care home is wheelchair bound, and has dementia. He lives on Social Security which barely covers his monthly bills.

We filed for aide back in May of 2007 and are having a hell of a time with the VA. They keep giving us a "run around."

My dad may not have long to live. He deserves the best care we can all afford. Why must it take so long for an 85-year-old vet to get the help he needs now? I don't know what else to do and I feel his time is running out, and he may run out of options.

Any advice would be appreciated. I intend to also contact the Georgia Congressman where he resides.

Much appreciation, Concerned daughter of an honorably discharged WWll US Navy Vet. — Laura

Col. Hunt: My God, your dad deserves better than this, they all do. He is lucky to have you. There are only two ways to get done what you are asking, Congressional Help or go on TV and yell about this. The VA is made up of good people, many of them veterans themselves but the organization is broken and gets in its own way. There are sadly thousands of stories out there like your brave, wonderful father.

Call the White House, call your congressman give them 24 hours to fix this situation then e-mail or call FOX and The O'Reilly Factor. Stand naked in the middle of the street and get people to understand, this is not just about your Dad, it applies to all Veterans, it sucks and it must stop. Now this next statement is going to cause trouble but its true, IF YOUR DAD WAS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HELP SOONER.

I'd like to know what the presidential hopefuls have in mind when a response to a WMD is required. Have we as a nation spelled out to the Arab world the specific responses they should expect if we're hit with a WMD? What do Obama and Clinton and MCCain and Huckabee have in mind as a response? If we're hit with two WMD's what might they decide to do? What should 'we' expect them do?

Because there are no "uniforms" is no reason to have to guess who is sponsoring these jihadists — we know who they are. For my my part I would begin with turning these cities into sand — Medina, Mecca, Riyadh, Damascus, Cairo and Tehran if we get it by one WMD. Let the Arab world know the rest of the "states" on our "list" if we get hit with a second WMD of any kind. It worked during the Cold War. And we wont have to hit Moscow because Russia will implode once those states are hit. We can't belly-up as W. Europe has done. — Ed

Col. Hunt: We have always known who is sponsoring the terrorists, no one is willing to do anything about it. Hell, have you even here the words uttered in these "debates?" Now to "nuke them till they glow" strategy. We have enough going on than to even think of lobbing nukes anywhere and here is why. Besides overkill, many of the countries that support terrorism also have the pesky nukes as well. We are far more vulnerable with our open borders than many of the countries. We need to be very aggressive now and not wait until we get hit, but stow the nukes please.

Unfortunately, the news media in general has once again done the ostrich thing and has forgotten that these people want us dead. Today they're busily trying to elect their candidate for president and paying lip service to the idiots running the cities of Berkeley and Toledo. Gee, I hope they never have a disaster requiring the National Guard to bail them out. I'd really have a hard time seeing my hard earned tax dollars paying for that .

What they seem to have forgotten is that when you give the Marines the bum's rush you may be insulting all of the armed services and anyone who is or might become a veteran. I remember well the comments of baby killer, etc., and even though it goes away to some extent, it's never completely gone. What most of these people don't understand is that the terrorists won't take either a day off or a vacation if we become as fat and comfortable as we were before 9/11 there's a pretty good chance we'll get the opportunity to become victims again.

Thanks for telling it like it is. — Bob (Rumford ME)

Col. Hunt: I am not sure that we have not gone back to the complacency we were in before 9/11.

Amen, I totally agree! But as I have said before to you and Bill O'Reilly, we should muster an all out Navy and Air Force attack on those Islamic governments that want to destroy the United States. It runs deep into their heritage to kill Infidels and Christians. This ancient, barbaric, archaic lifestyle in the Muslim world is threat to our existence. The 'Parking Lot Theory' is the only theory that will work. Let's get it over with.

It is to our best vital interest in the long run. — Fred (New York)

Col. Hunt: Parking lots are only good for cars. We have to get at the root cause of the hatred, we have to engage, keep the sword ready and use it when we must and use all of it (sorry about all the symbolism here, but we have so many other methods and tools we simply are inept or too cowardly to use them.)

First, I would like to say thank you for your service Colonel. Washington has no clue on what to do with the " War on Terror " or IRAQ. My question to you is simple. Will the AMERICAN PUBLIC ever wake up and see the truth about our PC government leaders who would rather spend TRILLIONS of dollars on a WAR than come up with an effective battle plan for the war on terror? I am ashamed and disgusted with the CIC and our government. GOD help us. — Former USMC Staff Sergeant Rich

Col. Hunt: SSG, thank you for your service. We had 9/11 and that did not wake us up. We have all watched this war being fought with the PC element tied around our soldier's necks and we have not got it yet. We have your service and mine "eat their young" and that is not waking us up. If were not for the men and women who serve, we would have been lost.

What can we do to the morons that seem to have taken over our political system. Clinton will stop at nothing short of buying the presidency. Just where did she get all that personal money and who is giving her all that cash? The same ilk that bought her the Senate seat in New York?

WE NEED A PRESIDENT LIKE YOU! Not the lilly-livered appeasers that are running now. They should all be sent to Iran to live. Maybe that would wake up the idiots. I'm a Korean Veteran and 72 years old. I don't think I want to live to see those collective bastards ruin our nation. I would make a Glass House out of Iran today if I had my way. They don't fool me. Or you for that matter. God Bless America for what she has stood for in the past. — Albert

Col. Hunt: Albert, thank you for what you did for us in Korea. Please do not give up on us, we are still the great nation you, my Dad, my Brother and friends served for, we are just a bit off course right now. We need to get knee deep in our leaders ... and not get of until this crap changes.

First of all, THANK YOU for your service. I have but one question and a request. Have you ever heard of: HERO STREET USA? It is located in my hometown. Silvis is located just a few miles from the Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL. Our area is also where John F Baker, Jr is from. Sgt. Baker is CMH winner.

My request is if you are ever in the area. If you would be so kind as to contact me and allow me the pleasure of giving you a tour. I'll treat you to a wonderful meal and the opportunity to meet several decorated combat vets. Several are recipients of the Purple Heart. Many of whom have also earned their CIB. — Jim

Col. Hunt: Jim, thank you, you are on, when next I am any where near your area. However, no tour, just old soldiers spending time telling lies that all begin with, "this is no ..." thank you again.

Kindly explain to me in clear and simple language exactly how our government can simply overlook the poppy crop in Afghanistan if we are to believe that we're also in a war against drugs? — Ric

Col. Hunt: Ric, they can because they do. There is no explanation, none zero, nada, nihil, niet, nothing. This administration has failed period, when it comes to the drug war. Ric, until we, that is us, get pissed off enough the next administration will do the same.

No question, sir. Just wanted to say "thank you" for your service and having the right vision. I wish we had people like you in office. — Karl

Col. Hunt: Karl, thank you. I am never sure about the vision, but I am farily sure I believe it.

Colonel I don't have a question for you but an accolade. You are a "Voice Crying in the Wilderness." Unfortunately the men who fail to lead have become like women. In fact it is written as such in the Bible. But I am not here to preach. As a former MARINE Sgt. (Vet) thank you for voicing your wisdom gained from experience. By preaching your common sense approach you become a witness to the prevailing foolishness. Eventually you'll become the anchor for many.

It is true that adversity fosters change. We are fighting a losing battle and I expect that we will be hit hard again by the Islamic sanctioned terrorists. Let's hope that generation which experiences it sweeps the foolish effete men and whining women out of our government, media, the military and instills common sense again. Which is, EVIL exists and GOOD MEN must fight to deter its path.

Semper Fi Colonel, and give em you know what! — Anonymous

Col. Hunt: Hey Marine, strength is not the sole purview of men. One of the best spies I ever knew was a woman. One of the bravest human beings I ever knew, ever loved, is a mother. The bravest men I ever knew were my Dad and Brother. We need all the brave people we can find….regardless of how they go to the bathroom.

I just want to say that I think you are the most stand-up guy I have ever seen on TV! My friends and family think the same way! Whenever you are on FOX News, I get everyone to watch. I say to my children that you talk and act like a real man. My wife says that I sound like you and I tell her I wish I was half the man you are! Keep up the good work that you do reporting to us Americans the real deal about our brave fighting forces!! COL. HUNT FOR PRESIDENT AND O'REILLY FOR VICE PRESIDENT! — Tim

Col. Hunt: Tim, thank you. You are a husband and father, that is pretty damn brave. As for me, make-up and lighting go a long way. As for president between Bill and me, only one of us has the ego and talent for the job.

Colonel Hunt I have a question for you! I am a veteran of the Vietnam era, honorably discharged; I served in the U.S, Army from June 1966 until June 1968.

I live approximately two miles from the VA center in Johnson City, Tenn. I recently retired from the State of Tennessee, after 35 years service in Law Enforcement. I do draw a decent retirement. I have applied for VA medical benefits twice over the past three years, mostly to help me on my prescribed medicine. I have been turned down both times. Guess what the reason is? I draw too much money from my retirement. Is there any way you can help me with this problem? — Eddie

Col. Hunt: Eddie, I am sorry for your trouble, it sucks. Now get this information to Congressional Reps, they have the power to fix this now. If they do not hold a press conference. Thank you for your service.

Col. Thanks for your service — regarding the issue with our military and our need to improve on the GI Bill. My dad was a WWII vet — I firmly believe that the veterans' need to have the same medical coverage as the Congress and Senate, since they [C&S] are the ones who are ultimately responsible for approving and sanctioning our military and its operations. — John

Col. Hunt: John, Amen, what a world that would be.

My wife and I are veterans. We currently have two members of our family on active duty and one military dependent. From what we've seen and experienced, this "Tri Care" system of health care for our troops and their dependents is not good (especially those on active duty who were wounded or injured — not to mention their dependents). Is anyone investigating this mess? — Rob

Col. Hunt: Rob, you guys have certainly given enough, thank you. Tri Care sucks, health care of our vets … sucks. No one cares, no one. The same asses who who hold press conferences with soldiers standing behind them are the same asses who have the power to fix this and they do not. Unless we make these issues important — and I mean vote them out of office important — this will not get fixed.

Are you going to have another debate with Bill O'Reilly? He should apologize to the homeless veterans in which he cannot see the problem — doesn't he think in 30 years from now, the solders fighting are going to be in the same situation like us Vietnam vets? I'm a disabled vet myself and was WITH THE BIG RED ONE 1969 to 1970. We do have a problem here and there are no beds for these guys so, with all the petitions I think there should be another debate with Bill and hope he can come to his senses. Thanks, from a disabled vet. — Jane

Col. Hunt: Bill was not debating that there were no homeless vets but rather that Edwards was politizing the issue.

I appreciate your honest analysis on how the war against the Islamic jihadist (Al Qaeda, and other groups) is not being fought with the proper aggression. After reading a few of your books and listening to your coverage of the War on Terror on The Radio Factor and The O'Reilly Factor, it concerns me that we lack the will as a people and a nation to defeat this threat. There are too many folks out there, whom I have spoken with that either believes the War on Terror is hype, or have just tuned it out all together. Some hate the Bush administration so much that it is difficult for them to focus on the war, or curse the president for the military adventure into Iraq.

Many complain that we did not finish the job in Afghanistan and that Usama bin Laden is still at large. Somehow they believe if bin Laden is killed or captured, the war against al Qaeda will be over. Unfortunately, some folks I spoken with, want to return to the wonderful decade of the 1990s and forget al-Qaeda. This upcoming election and the current run of candidates seeking nomination from their party to be the next U.S. president does not impress me that they have the qualities as a war time leader capable of effectively dealing with Islamic terrorism. I do not know what it will take for the nation to fully understand that this threat, Al Qaeda and Iranian-backed terrorist organizations are a clear and present danger to us.

I do wonder if the Vietnam War did not destroy our nations confidence in winning a war against a determine enemy. My question to you is: Do any military and political elites ever listen to your suggestions on how to fight the war? — John

Col. Hunt: John, no one listens to retired guys unless they were generals. Those who should be listened to are, in fact, the sergeants, ground truth is easy to get if you are willing to listen.

I read with great dismay about the troops returning to Alaska, and how the wonderful ladies trying to ensure a warm welcome home have such limited funds and ways to raise those funds. I was disheartened to hear how the barracks didn't even have sheets and towels, expecting the returning soldiers to go out and buy such things after a long flight home. If you know how I can send some money and/or supplies to these amazing ladies working so hard for our troops, I would love to help them out. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated. — Beth (Irving, TX)

Col. Hunt: Beth, you are very kind to ask. Please contact the Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office or call General Layfields office, he is the two star general in charge up there, and yell.


Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a FOX News military analyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller They Just Don’t Get It. He has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, served as the security adviser to six different Olympic Games, testified as an expert at many major terrorist trials, and lectured at the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. You can read his complete bio here.