Hazards of Borrowing Private Jets

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You may have noticed the biggest and best perk for any aspiring movie star, rock mogul or corporate big shot is moving from flying commercial to flying private.

As Barack Obama said in one of his books private jet travel is great. It's so convenient. It's so, well, private — nobody but you and your friends on the plane. It goes when you're ready to go.

But it takes a lot of money to have a private jet, even a small one, and even part time. Way, way more than a first-class ticket flying commercial.

Even a guy like Bill Clinton — who has made millions giving speeches since he left office — still can't afford his own private jet.

So Bubba has been flying OPJ — Other People's Jets.

In fact, Bill Clinton has gotten himself hooked up with a Canadian mining mogul named Frank Giustra evidently because Giustra has a big private jet. And he seems to let Bubba use it about anytime he wants for anything he wants.

The former president flies to paid speeches on it, he flies to fund-raise for Hillary and he flies to raise millions for the Clinton Foundation.

Giustra is such a generous guy with his private jet. It costs thousands and thousands per hour to operate. But Giustra evidently says, hey, who's counting?

Giustra was trying to move along a half-billion dollar deal with Kazakhstan to mine uranium fields in that country.

His new best friend, Bill Clinton, the same one who uses his jet all the time, just happened to know the president of Kazakhstan so they flew off to Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, and they had dinner with president Nazarbayev, who is reputed to be one of the most corrupt leaders of a country in the world.

Giustra's half-billion dollar deal came though and Clinton got a half-million dollar check from Nazarbayev for his Clinton Foundation. God only knows what the president of Kazakhstan got.

It's nice to know people with private jets, isn't it? Nicer still to know a former president of the United States who likes private jets.

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