Bush: Opposition Parties' Win in Pakistani Elections is 'Victory for People of Pakistan'

President Bush said Wednesday that Pakistani elections have been judged as "fair" and that the opposition parties' win is a "victory in the war on terror."

"There were elections held that have been judged as being fair, and the people have spoken," Bush said at a news conference in Ghana during his trip to Africa.

The opposition parties' victory in Tuesday's election could force President Pervez Musharraf to leave or share power. The pro-Musharraf party lost badly, and conceded defeat before the final tally.

Still, Bush says he sees the Pakistani elections as part of the victory in the war on terror.

"After all, the ideologues can't stand ... free societies -- that's why they try to kill innocent people," Bush said. "That's why they tried to intimidate people during the election process."

He said he was pleased that Musharraf followed through on his promise to remove emergency rule and hold free elections.

"It's now time for the newly elected folks to show up and form their government," Bush said. "The question then is `Will they be friends of the United States?' I certainly hope so."