Obama's Charmed Life is Over

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Barack Obama's verbal missteps are few and far between, and when they come, a sharp-eared Obama aide is ready to step in and limit the damage.

We know this because of what happened on the Ed Schultz radio program and an interview of Obama, in which the candidate said Hillary Clinton evidently wasn't as smart as a six-year-old child, and an Obama aide can be heard suddenly trying to stop the interview.

Here's how it happened:

Schultz asked Obama to be very direct about the issue of counting delegates from Michigan and Florida. The Democratic National Committee ruled Michigan and Florida delegates would not count because the state democrat parties violated rules and ran their primary elections before February 5th.

Hillary is trying to get those delegates counted because she won those primaries, even though she and Obama had agreed not to campaign in those states because of the violation of party rules.

Obama's response was that he and Hillary agreed in advance to stay out of those primaries because of the rule violation — consequently, he said, quoting him now:

"I think even a six-year-old understands that you don't change the rules of the game halfway through," Obama said.

Headline: Obama thinks Hillary isn't as smart as a six-year-old child.

Suddenly you could then hear the Obama aide — listening in on another phone — try to interrupt. Schultz got one more question out, and Obama answered, and then the aide interrupted again and ended the interview.

The Obamas' have lived a charmed and gaffe-free life up in this campaign so far. But it's over.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Obama are under the microscope and every word is subject to scrutiny.

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