Mom of Murdered Daughter: Police Told Her to Stop Calling

The mother of a 17-year-old girl who was killed in a murder-suicide committed by her ex-boyfriend said police told her daughter to stop calling them for help or she would be arrested, reported.

"The police officer said if you call us one more time on him, I'm going to arrest you both, Sherry Hall told the Web site about the Jan. 15 conversation her daughter had with police. "So, the day she died, she knew she couldn't talk to police. So, she handled it herself."

Natasha Hall was shot by Daniel "Clay" Coffner, 19, outside her DeLand, Fla. home Feb. 15. He then killed himself, police said.

DeLand police have not responded to Sherry Hall's allegations, the Web site reported. reports Sherry Hall called police nine times since November, but refused to press charges against Coffner.

"To say that we've been called to assist this family several times, absolutely, we have since November of last year," Deputy Chief Randel Henderson told MyFOXOrlando. "To say that the police department has done nothing to help this family, I think is a misnomer.”

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