A man pleaded guilty Tuesday to helping a would-be suicide bomber evade police after the attacker failed to blow himself up on a London subway train.

Mohamed Kabashi, 25, admitted assisting Hussain Osman, one of five men now serving long prison sentences for plotting to blow themselves up on London's transit system on July 21, 2005.

The men went into hiding after their explosive-filled rucksacks failed to explode.

Osman fled to the south England resort city of Brighton before traveling to Italy, where he was later arrested.

Kabashi, a Brighton resident, is the former boyfriend of Mulumebet Girma, the sister of Osman's wife, Yeshiemebet Girma.

The women both face trial next week alongside three others: Shadi Abdelgadir, Asias Girma and Omar Almagboul. All five are accused with helping Osman dodge the authorities.