Cotton Swab Left in Woman After Caesarean Section

A woman living in England plans to sue the hospital where doctors left a cotton swab inside of her following a Caesarean section, the Daily Mail reported.

Asma Sarfraz, 27, underwent emergency surgery last Friday to remove the piece of cotton that had caused her pain since the birth of her first child three days earlier, according to the report.

Sarfraz and her husband Shaz Sarfraz, of Bromley in London, told the Daily Mail Tuesday they were planning to sue Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust, where the procedure was performed.

Doctors last week decided to deliver Sarfraz's baby by C-section 10 days early because the baby was breached, or facing in the wrong direction. After the operation was over the new mother felt a burning sensation inside of her, according to the report.

Two days later, when even stronger pain killers failed to stop the pain, Sarfraz was rushed to X-ray where doctors discovered the cotton swab left inside of her during the surgery, it is reported.

The NHS trust confirmed that the swab was left inside the new mother and said it is investigating the incident, the report said.

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