Teens Arrested for Aiding Murder Suspect's Jailbreak

Officials say two teenagers are in custody in connection with the jailbreak of a 17-year-old murder suspect from a juvenile detention center.

The San Mateo County sheriff says Martin Villa Patino and Vanher Cho, both 18, helped push Josue Raul Orozco atop a 10-foot concrete security wall on Thursday night. Orozco escaped through the hole cut in a chain-link fence that surrounds the exercise area.

Orozco was being tried as an adult for murder in connection with a drive-by shooting in Redwood City.

Authorities say Orozco is a Sureno gang member believe he may be on his way to Mexico. Officials believe another, unknown accomplice cut the hole in the fence that Orozco escaped through.

Officials say the escape went unnoticed by the two probation officers who monitor the facility's more than 100 security cameras and that Orozco had hours to run before an arrest warrant was issued.

Patino and Cho are being held on $50,000 bail in the county jail and have been charged with criminal conspiracy, street-gang enhancement and aiding in an escape.