Pamela Anderson's Parisian Striptease a 'Baring' Success

Pamela Anderson let it all hang out to an adoring crowd at the famed Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, according to a report on

The 40-year-old former "Baywatch" star and animal rights activist performed two sold-out Valentine's Day shows, according to the site, wearing a black body stocking while riding around stage on a black motorcycle.

The show, which reportedly cost ticket-holders a whopping $300 a pop, also featured Anderson performing a dance to the Brigitte Bardot hit "Harley-Davidson," according to the report.

Anderson said she was attracted to the Crazy Horse, a saloon famous for its topless dance performances, because of its respectful approach to sensuality.

"It's a celebration of women," she told "It's done very respectfully, very classy, and it's a wonderful show for women as well as for men."

The Canadian-born Anderson also took time out from her show to demonstrate for animal rights causes, protesting before the Canadian Embassy in Paris against seal hunting with fellow activists from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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