Bobby Cutts Jr. Receives Seven Guilty Verdicts for the Murder of Jessie Davis

Video: Rick Gets the Verdict Live, Outside the Courthouse!
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I wanted to be inside the courtroom to watch the Bobby Cutts Jr. verdict being read so I could see the reactions of the accused and the family of the victim.

I wanted to see up close if Cutts would show any emotion like he did this past Monday when he claimed, between sobs (and crocodile tears?), that he never meant to kill Jessie Davis or their unborn baby girl.

I wanted to see if Jessie's mom Patty or any of her siblings showed grief or relief as the killer's guilt or innocence was revealed. But, I couldn't. I needed to be outside in front of the camera ready to go live, so I watched the drama play out on a monitor on the sidewalk under a white E-Z Up tent.

A group of about 10 women gathered between me and the satellite truck, riveted to the proceedings on a TV, inside the big rig, visible through the open door.

They and the rest of the town have been glued to the case ever since Cutts killed the mother of his now 3-year-old son and near full-term daughter Chloe last June, wrapping Jessie in a blanket and dumping her body in a park 20 miles away. Thousands turned out to help search for the missing mom, including her mother Patty, her father and six siblings, all hoping for the best.

Meanwhile Cutts, a Canton Police Officer, pretended he had no idea what'd happened to her.

VIDEO: Watch as the news unfolded: Rick Leventhal reports outside the courthouse!

I was admittedly stunned by the jury's decision on the first aggravated murder charge of not guilty, and many others probably were too, but then the guilty verdicts came in, seven in a row, and our live shots began.

Jessie's family didn't talk after court adjourned, hustled out of the courthouse by a team of deputies who surrounded the mother and sisters on their way to a nearby garage.

Some of Cutts' family and friends spoke briefly about how they'd been ostracized by the community, unfairly mistreated for actions beyond their control.

The prosecutor didn't speak, citing the judge's gag order, but the defense team did, in front of the Stark County Courthouse, voicing their disappointment with the verdicts, suggesting they'd seek an appeal.

Cutts could be sentenced to death. The same jury will hear arguments from both sides during another mini trial, starting Monday February 25, but ultimately, Judge Charles Brown Jr. will rule if Cutts lives or dies.

Judge Brown has never sentenced anyone to death during his time on the bench, but there's a first time for everything, and from what I can tell, many in this community hope Cutts pays the ultimate price for murdering a 26 year old — and doing nothing to save the baby inside of her.

As my producer Jim Murphy astutely pointed out, there are no winners here today, but maybe for Jessie's family, the worst is finally over.

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Rick Leventhal is a New York based reporter for FOX News Channel.