Web Site Allows Lovelorn to Bury a Relationship Gone Sour — With an Obituary

If you need closure on a dead love affair, a Web site allowing you to write a "relationship obituary" might help in burying the whole thing for good, according to MyFOXDC.com.

On Relationshipobit.com, created by New York radio reporter Kathleen Horan, the jilted — or those who did the jilting — can pen one final ode to the "over" relationships that caused them so much happiness and heartache.

Horan said she got the idea for the site after she found writing her father's obituary "oddly comforting" while she was going through a breakup.

The "obituaries" are posted on the site.

In one final farewell to a couple known as "Emily and Curtis," the causes of death are explained as a "romantic trip to Italy that frightened the man into thinking he was stuck forever; unplanned pregnancy and subsequent abortion; fifteen tequila shots mixed with So Co and lime and a 30-year-old 'life coach.'"

The demise of a relationship between "NIC and Sweetpea" is attributed to "Sweetpea's controlling evil mother and jealous conniving so called best friend, and of course not following her own heart and mind."

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