Married Psychologist Spared Jail Time for Having Sex With Mentally Ill Convicted Criminal

A married psychologist who says she's in love with a schizophrenic convicted burglar she counseled in a mental hospital is about to have his baby — but won't spend time in jail for now, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Stephanie Reeves, 30, gave a tearful testimony Wednesday about her affair with a 20-year-old man from Fleetwood, England, who was jailed in the past for armed burglary and other crimes, but was ultimately committed to a mental institution after being diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic.

Reeves and the man had sex in the bathroom of the hospital when she was taking him to the gym, according to the Mail. Her husband also works at the facility, but the couple had separated about a year before her relationship with her patient began last spring.

A Preston Crown Court judge suspended Reeves' 12-month prison sentence for two years out of "mercy," but told Reeves her actions constituted a "grave breach of trust."

A sobbing Reeves said she loves the man — whom the newspaper didn't name for legal reasons — and plans to raise the baby boy with him if he's ever declared safe enough to be released from lockdown.

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