Man Seeks DNA Samples to Prove He Is JFK's Love Child

Jack Worthington says he is often stopped on the street by people telling him he bears a striking resemblance to John F. Kennedy. The Vancouver resident had to wonder if it was more than coincidental.

Worthington, who lives in Canada but remains a U.S. citizen, approached the Globe and Mail newspaper after leaked media reports that journalists from Vanity Fair were investigating whether he may be the possible illegitimate son of the 35th president of the United States.

Vanity Fair has reportedly not published its JFK love child story because journalists are waiting for proof — a Kennedy DNA match, the Globe and Mail reports.

Worthington is asking the Kennedy family to provide DNA samples so that tests may be run to determine whether he is related to JFK.

“Vanity Fair needs help. We need JFK DNA and, barring that, DNA from any male Kennedy directly related to Joe Kennedy [JFK's father], either in the U.S. or Ireland [for a Y chromosome analysis],” Worthington read to the Globe and Mail from a prepared statement.

It is unclear whether Worthington is coming forward on his own, or if Vanity Fair approached him first, the Globe and Mail reported.

However, Worthington tells the Globe and Mail that his story is not trivial, and added that the information he will reveal could have a “potentially profound impact.”

Worthington said he would not pursue any money from the JFK estate.

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