Handshake Saves Man's Life: Doctor Diagnoses Man's Brain Tumor Through 'Spongy' Handshake

A handshake is being credited for saving the life of a man who had a rare and potentially deadly brain tumor, the Daily Mail reported.

Mark Gurrieri of Loughton, Essex, England, was working in a restaurant when he was introduced to a doctor who was dining there, according to the report.

Gurrieri shook hands with Chris Britt, who immediately noticed Gurrieri's hand felt "spongy," a symptom of acromegaly, a benign tumor at the base of the brain that can lead to blindness, diabetes, high blood pressure and premature death.

The condition is extremely rare and affects just three in 1 million people, the Daily Mail reported.

Britt said Gurrieri's large features — caused by soft tissue swelling — were another sign of the disease and convinced the 36-year-old to undergo tests, which revealed he had a tumor.

Gurrieri had surgery in January to have the less than 1-inch tumor removed, the Daily Mail reported.

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