Can't Our Vets Get a Break?

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We've been fighting the loonies out in Berkeley, California for targeting United States Marines in their town and yesterday the Boulder, Colorado city council decided it needed to busy itself with trying to get Bush and Cheney impeached. And now this.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education has been quietly and secretly calling around to get lawmakers in that state to kill a proposed law that would give free tuition to decorated combat veterans.

Colorado, by the way, is a state with a fairly heavy population of active and retired military, so it's no surprise someone would suggest such a good idea to the state legislature.

But what's the actual department of higher education doing trying to kill it?

Well, the department, which is headed by a retired marine, said he'd love to make certain every decorated war vet got this kind of benefit for deserving military vets.

But he simply has no idea how many would take advantage of the offer or what it would cost.

His staff figured out that if ten under grads got a tuition waver at Colorado University Boulder for four years, it would cost the school about $220,000.

That's $22,000-a-year for all ten, or $2,200-per-year per military hero turned student.

In other words, the state of Colorado would be giving decorated vets a benefit that amounts to $1,100 per semester.

I know states have budget problems, but can't Colorado pop for $1,100 bucks worth of tuition per semester per hero veteran?

Conservatives are supposed to watch spending measures to make sure they don't get out of control, and I'm all for that.

But it seems to me Colorado and other states might want to consider spending for this. Seems like a very worthwhile idea to me.

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