What Will The Gift Say This Valentine's Day?

1. She didn't get the speakers she wanted for Christmas, so she's got them on her Valentine's list. What does it mean? She's practical.

2. She wants a gift she can share. Anything she can't pass around for everyone to have makes her feel guilty. What does it mean? She's a team player.

3. She's a hopeless romantic. She wants a date, roses and a poem or at least a lengthy sappy card. What does it mean? She's easy to shop for, anything with "I love you in script" is a winner.

4. She's a princess. Foot massage, perfume … bring it on. What does it mean? You better start saving for next year. She likes expensive stuff.

5. She's into PDA. Make sure she can show it to her work friends and family, because it's how loud and shiny it is that counts. What does it mean? Forget practical or understated, go for all the bells and whistles you can find.

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