Utah Investigates Possible Leukemia Cluster in Town of Alpine

Utah State doctors are looking into claims that a cluster of rare leukemia cases has sprung up in the town of Alpine.

The investigation was started when one Utah County man with leukemia raised concerns in early December about 10 others who might have the disease, according to a report from MyFox Utah. The state Health Department conducted an environmental study, then tried to contact the 10 people for their medical history.

Officials say the study should be done by April, though they're skeptical after similar claims of a cancer cluster in the town of Lindon turned up false.

An investigation into thyroid cancer there showed that Lindon's cancer rate was actually below the national average.

Doctors have started by asking known leukemia patients to fill out questionnaires. Once enough questionnaires are returned, victims of identical cancers will be compared for common links.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report