Text Your Valentine's Day Messages to 'FOX & Friends'

We're going to air your Valentine's Day text messages on "FOX & Friends" this Thursday on the ticker that runs on the bottom of the screen.

Want to tell your significant other how you really feel? Here's how:

Every cell phone is a little different, so consult your handbook if you don't know how.

In the spot where you put the address, just type the number "36288" and hit "enter" — or on your BlackBerry, hit "continue" now you're ready to compose away.

Type "utext" hit a space and type your message. Anything from "I love you Peggy Due" to "You make me quiver in the lunch room."

Put your name and home town so your loved one will know it's from you!

After you press "send" you will receive a confirmation text telling you to watch the show this Thursday, Valentine's Day.

We might air your message in the 8 a.m. hour — so don't touch that dial!