Student Injured Near Georgia School in Bus Stop Shooting, Second in Five Days

Police are investigating a shooting at a bus stop outside a DeKalb County high school that sent a student to the hospital. It was the second shooting at the same bus stop in four days.

DeKalb County Schools spokesman Dale Davis says the shooting at McNair High School happened about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday just after school let out. He says authorities have not established a motive for the shooting at a MARTA bus stop in front of the campus.

Davis says the student who was shot is in fair condition.

He says there was a shooting at the same bus stop Friday night after a basketball game at the school. The victim, who was hospitalized, is not a student at the school.

The DeKalb schools superintendent, Crawford Lewis, ordered extra security at the school, both for Wednesday classes and for the return of the McNair girls basketball team from a tournament Tuesday night.

Lewis said the investigators were looking at the possibility that both shootings were gang-related.

Police do not know if Tuesday's shooting is connected with a shooting Friday evening of a 19-year-old man at the same bus stop.

In that incident, Davis said, students alerted officers at a basketball game that someone outside the school had a weapon. As officers approached the bus stop, they heard two or three gunshots.

The victim, who is not a McNair student, then told them he was injured.