Mysterious Illness Forces Girl to Survive on a Diet of Mints

A U.K. teen eats only Tic Tac mints after a mysterious illness has left her unable to tolerate any other food, it is being reported.

According to a report on, at one time, doctors believed Natalie Cooper, 17, suffered from bulimia because she would vomit after eating any type of solid food. But they soon realized the illness, which remains a mystery, was out of her control.

The girl, from Maidstone, Kent in the U.K., was diagnosed with the condition four years ago. She now receives all her nutrients from a specially formulated feed given to her in through a tube, it was reported.

She eats Tic Tacs, which do not make her vomit, to help her believe she isn't hungry, the Mail reported.

"I went from Trebor Extra Strong Mints to Polos and ended up with Tic Tacs," she is quoted as saying.

The feed tube has helped the teen go from a lean 70 pounds to a healthier 98 pounds, according to the report.

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