New York City police said Sunday that they are investigating the violent street brawl that was caught on video tape involving some people who may have come out of a nearby nightclub.

The video, first posted on and later reported on, shows what appears to be a drunken street fight outside a parking garage in midtown Manhattan. is reporting the fight occurred in the early morning hours this weekend. The melee was captured by a tourist who was woken up from the noise below and videotaped the scene from his window.

Click here to view the full, unedited video. WARNING: Graphic Content.

The disturbing footage shows the brawlers, one of them without a shirt, swinging punches at each other as drivers of vehicles try to leave the parking garage.

At one point, one vehicle, which appears to be a white SUV, drives on the sidewalk in an attempt to flee the scene, hitting and knocking down one of the pedestrians.

The NYPD said they are looking for the hit-and-run driver. Local media reports the man injured suffered broken kneecaps and dislocated hips from the incident.

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