Sharia Law — Closer Than You Think...

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An American woman working in Saudi Arabia was arrested and spent time in jail where she was mistreated in various ways all because she went over to a male colleague in a Starbucks and sat with him.

It's true. This happened a couple days ago to a woman who — before this incident — had been gushing about the so-called "freedoms" in Saudi Arabia.

But when she exercised her freedom to sit down with a guy she knew from work, she was busted by the Saudi morals police, arrested and hauled off to jail.

This is Sharia law at work, and even though some of my co-workers are always telling me to take a "chill pill" when it comes to Sharia law, I'm afraid I just must tell you about this anyway.

Yes, it's Saudi Arabia and where else would you expect Sharia law, which is law based on the Koran. I get that part.

But at the same time today the archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Anglican Church in Great Britain, said to his fellow Brits, we're just going to have to accept Sharia law and get used to it.

So, now does it maybe strike closer to home than faraway Saudi Arabia? Here's the leader of the official Christian church in Britain saying we've got so many Muslims in this country who do not pay the slightest attention to English common law that we have to get used to the idea of Sharia law.

Well, why not just give up and vacate the country altogether Mr. Archbishop, your High Holiness, sir?

Sharia law is what got the American woman arrested in Starbucks.

Sharia law is what got the Taliban fired up in Afghanistan about making sure girls didn't go to school and daughters who have a crush on a boy can be killed by her father or brothers to preserve the honor of the family.

Organized Muslim groups in Canada have demanded Sharia law there. It's closer than you think if it's Canada.

Heads up, Americans. Pay attention to Sharia law if you go to Saudi Arabia. And if you find someone demanding it here, make sure he is shouted down fast.

That's My Word.

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