Inquest Hears Allegations Dodi Fayed Slept With Underwear Model While Seducing Diana

Dodi Fayed indulged in all-night lovemaking with Kelly Fisher, his previous girlfriend, while wooing Diana, Princess of Wales, it was alleged at the couple’s inquests on Wednesday.

Fisher, an underwear model, already had appeared as a witness at the hearings and claimed that she and Fayed were engaged when the son of the owner of Harrods began a relationship with the princess in 1997 only weeks before they were killed in a car crash in Paris.

The jury heard a transcript of a telephone call said to have been made between Fayed and Fisher in August 1997, in which she accused him: "You even flew me down to St. Tropez while you seduced Diana all day and f***** me all night."

At one point she said: "You told me you didn’t even like her — why do you suddenly like her?"

The inquests, now in their fifth month, have heard no evidence to support Al Fayed’s assertion that his son and the Princess were about to become engaged.

The Princess and her sons holidayed at the Fayed villa in St Tropez in July 1997. Fisher flew there but stayed on one of the family yachts. The Princess and Fayed had two subsequent holidays together on the main Fayed family yacht, the Jonikal.

During the telephone call Fayed insisted that he and Fisher had broken up. He alleged that Fisher had walked out on him but she responded: "You are such a liar. I walked out of your house because you disappeared and went down to St Tropez and then you flew me down there." Having being accused of being hysterical Kelly responded: "Of course, I’m hysterical — we were supposed to get married and have children."

Fayed ended the call with an offer to find Fisher a psychiatrist.

When she gave evidence to the inquests in December Fisher, who lives in Los Angeles, alluded to the telephone call. She told the jury that she had met Fayed in 1996 and that within months he had suggested marriage. She said that in September 1996 she moved into his flat in Paris. In February 1997, Fisher claimed, Fayed presented her with an engagement ring.

They had struck a prenuptial deal, which would give her an allowance equivalent to £250,000 a year, but they fell out when the money was slow to arrive. Nevertheless, Fisher claimed, she understood that she and Fayed were to be married on Aug. 9, 1997.

They fell out again in the summer when she was due to fly with Fayed on holiday to St Tropez. He went without her and it was not long before she saw newspaper photographs of Fayed and the Princess together in the Mediterranean.

She managed to speak to Fayed and recorded the telephone call.

Cross-examined by Michael Mansfield, QC, for Al Fayed, Fisher came close to tears when she said: "He did want to marry me. He asked my family. We were engaged."

The hearings continue.