Report: 'Strip Club Tax' to Help Seniors

Those who spring for a lap dance or personal escort in Florida could inadvertently be helping the elderly, if an up-and-coming bill is passed into law, the Gainesville Sun reported Tuesday.

The proposed law, House Bill 751, would create a sales tax on “adult entertainment services” that would be fed to low-income nursing homes, the Sun reported. These funds would defray the cost of some services for senior citizens, including haircuts and trips to the movies.

Struck by the meager $35 per month that seniors receive from Medicaid each month, Rep. Rick Kriseman and his staff worked on a plan to double that to $70 by taxing the adult entertainment world, the Sun reported. Kriseman told the newspaper that the allowance has been stuck at $35 since the 1980’s.

"People need to at least have a quality of life for the time they have left,'' Kriseman told the Sun.

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