Natalee Holloway's Father Reacts to Videotape About What Dutch Teen Did With his Daughter

Natalee Holloway’s father said a secretly videotaped conversation Dutch teen Joran van der Sloot had about disposing of his daughter’s body has only added to his resolve to find her, KTRK-TV reported.

Dave Holloway was horrified to hear Van der Sloot’s remarks on tape about panicking when Natalee apparently suffered a drinking-related seizure and dumping her body into the ocean with the help of a friend without knowing for sure whether she was alive or dead.

“I guess what I’m struggling with right now is what he said and his actions after it happened,” Holloway told KTRK. “That’s the real troubling question is his character of doing this. How can a person stoop that low? It’s beyond me. Words just can’t describe it.”

The father of the Alabama teenager is in almost daily touch with Tim Miller, founder of the search and recovery company known as Equusearch, who shares Holloway’s theory that Natalee’s body is in the sea, according to KTRK.

Miller said he is confident of recovering Natalee now that he has new, high-tech equipment that can search as deep as 1,000 feet.

“We’re far from quitting,” he told the TV station.

Van der Sloot and his lawyers have said he was lying on the videotape and wasn’t involved in Natalee’s death.

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