Environmentally Friendly Web Sites

You don't have to be a superhero to save the planet!
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• No cape or tights required.
Waterless toilet anyone?
The folks at Treehugger are taking green to a whole new level. The site is your one-stop shop for the latest green news, eco-solutions and product info.
Attention fashionistas!
Did you know that the average T-shirt manufactured through conventional means uses almost 18 teaspoons of chemicals to produce? Detox your closet and shop at Bohmo.com for hip, eco-friendly fashions.
• It's OK to max out your credit card for Mother Earth, right?
Home Grown & Healthy!
Help your local economy by finding the best organic food that's grown closest to you! Use this Web site to track down farmer's markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown foods in your area.