Don't Stop There: Book 'Em, Dano

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I have argued that African-American leaders need to do something about rap music for some time now, taking the side of Bill Cosby and Clarence Page and other influential black voices who have spoken out about the corrosive effects of rap music language on young people.

Well now somebody has actually gotten himself arrested and charged for singing a certain rap song outloud on a public street — And the jaw dropping fact here is that the person arrested is not the rapper who recorded the song, but just a guy who was walking down a street singing out loud what he heard on the pubic playing on his iPod.

Nineteen-year-old Christopher Holder was singing words that I can't repeat on the air to a song the very title of which I cannot repeat on the air.

But let's just say the profanity was compound. In other words I couldn't hint at the word by just saying "bleep." I'd have to say "bleep, bleeper"... And I'd probably have to repeat the bleeps multiple times to get the general drift of the song or so-called song.

Holder was busted by a woman who was walking with her five-year-old child and thought she and the child should not be subjected to this so-called "song."

Even Holder admitted he thought that a kid that age shoulnd't be hearing the words he was singing out loud.

So if that is the standard, how come cops don't pull over a car stopped at a red light which is blaring the very same song from it's souped-up sound system? The kid in the next car is going to hear those words that Holder was singing or shouting out loud.So why is the guy walking down the street singing under arrest and the guy driving down the street playing the song on his car sound system still at large?

If the rap song is bad enough to cause Holder's arrest, why is it not bad enough to cause the arrest of the guy who made the recording, or the guy, or gal, who plays it loudly on their car sound system?

I say ... Book 'em, Dano. Book 'em all.

That's My Word.

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