Willie Nelson: I Question Official Sept. 11 Story

Texas icon Willie Nelson said on a nationally syndicated radio show this week that he questions the official story of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York City.

"I certainly do," Nelson said Monday when asked by talk show host Alex Jones if he questions the official story.

"I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas, there's too much similarities between the two. And I saw the building fall that didn't get hit by nothing," the singer-songwriter said. "So, how naive are we, you know, what do they think we'll go for?"

On Sept. 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked planes, crashing them into each of the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York City, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.

Nelson, who turns 75 this year, said if he were president, he would "stop the damn war, it's just that simple."

"The way I heard it, the 15 people from Saudi Arabia hit us in New York and we go jump on Afghanistan," Nelson said. "I never could figure that one out in Iraq."

Nelson's publicist would not comment on the remarks.

Jones, an Austin-based talk show host on the Burnsville, Minn., Genesis Communications Network, is sometimes described as a "conspiracy theorist." He regularly rails against globalism, the United Nations and World Bank on satellite and Internet radio.