Make Your Manicure Last

There's nothing like walking out of the salon with a fresh, flawless manicure. And then about 8 minutes later when you're struggling to get your keys in the door without actually touching them, it all goes downhill. Mariana Mejia, nail technician at Haven in NYC, answers your questions on how to help your nails stay perfectly polished, longer.

Q: How can you keep your manicure long-lasting?

A: I recommend buying a top coat like Dazzle Dry and reapplying it on top of your manicure color every two days to maintain chip-resistant nails. Color usually won't last more than one week on the hands even with an extended application of a top coat, but that would keep you in top shape between weekly manicures. To maintain the quality of your actual manicure grooming, I recommend buying Solar Oil cuticle oil and applying it every night to prevent the cuticles from cracking and tearing. Well protected and hydrated cuticles also stimulate healthy nail growth for longer nails.

Q: During the winter, my nails get so dry and brittle. How can I keep them healthy?

A: To protect your hands and nails in the cold, winter months, schedule a paraffin treatment every other week with your manicure service. This will help seal in and penetrate deep moisture into your skin and nails. It is like a deep conditioner treatment that you would do for your hair. At home, apply a thick moisturizer, like Plum's Ginger and Lime Body Butter, before you go to bed at night. For best results, wear light cloth gloves to hold in the moisture overnight to awaken with soft, moist hydrated hands.

Q: I'm a huge fan of dark colors, but I'm not sure if that's still a popular look. What's in?

A: Dark colors are still very popular, such as dark plums and berry colors. The most popular colors at Haven are Essie's Berry Hard and Zoya's Casey. Clients are asking for square shaped nails with oval corners. Most clients are keeping their nails short.

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