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— Sent by Diana S.

Here is my engagement story … it's kind of our courtship story in a sense as well.

I was living in Minnesota and my future husband was living in Michigan. Both of us had been single for awhile and were very particular about what we wanted in our future mate.

His aunt gave him my phone number, and after several calls and e-mails, we decided to meet face to face. The first “date” went incredibly well; later, we'd admit to each other that we both knew we would one day marry each other (but of course we didn't say it, because it seemed so ludicrous!

Within one month of our first meeting, we had talked of marriage. He asked for my parents' permission to marry their daughter and they, of course, said yes. One month after that, we went to his mom's house in Arizona. I had decided to put my house on the market. I was starting my job search. I knew this was the weekend it was going to happen …”the official engagement.”

We went to a birthday party for his mom … nothing happened. We went hiking in Sedona on the beautiful trails … nothing happened. We went for walks on a trail overlooking Phoenix … nothing happened. Time was running out and I was beginning to think he was saving the ring for another time!

We had one night left. We went to a nice resort in Scottsdale for an Italian dinner in an outdoor restaurant. I was dressed up in an outfit I knew he'd like and had butterflies of excitement in my stomach. He was looking especially handsome in his blue shirt, tie and slacks. There was live music playing, the food was good, the lighting was perfect … but still, nothing happened.

We walked to the car hand in hand and I waited to see what else the night would hold. We sat in the car and chatted and I waited. Finally I asked if we were going someplace else and he said, “Let's go for a walk again.” So we got back out of the car and began walking back towards the resort. He picked up a bag out of the back seat of the car that he must have snuck inside before we left. I asked to hold it and he wouldn't let me so now I knew … this was the moment I would remember. The ring MUST be in the bag.

We walked through the bar area to the outdoor patio/pool area. There were couples mingling here and salsa music played behind us. We sat, watching couples take gondola rides on the lake behind us. Slowly, couple by couple, they dispersed. The gondola guides packed up their things and it was just the two of us by the fire. It was time to open the gift. I pulled out a teddy bear holding a stuffed heart that said “I love you!”.

I did my best to hide my disappointment mixed with hope. ”It's a bear!” I said … as I tried to nonchalantly squeeze every last inch of the stuffed creation …”It's a bear.”

I continued to repeat this, since I came up with no ring. He sat grinning as he watched my pitiful attempt to conceal my ring hunt.

“Have you ever heard of a talking bear?” he asked.

“A talking bear?” I said.

“Yeah, squeeze here,” he explained, pointing to the bear's hand. As I squeezed the hand, his voice came out of the bear asking, “Diana, will you marry me?”

I sat dumbfounded for a moment trying to figure out how he got his voice into the bear before I realized I hadn't answered. “Yes, of course!” I exclaimed, kissed him, and then he pulled out the engagement ring and made it official. Four months later, we were married and we both feel like we've known each other our entire lives.

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— Sent by Bonita M.

On September 28, 2007, I went to my best friend Heather's home for a night at the local museum. As we were about to leave, three of my other friends walked in … I assumed they decide at the last minute to join us to the museum..

Then, someone else walked, and my friend Sarah said, “Announcing, Prince Adam!” I whirled around and there was my boyfriend!

Adam proceeded to ask for the lady of the house (played by my friend Tara) and told her that he had been on a date with a young lady the night before, had fallen deeply in love with her and knew she was the only one for him … but he could not find her! All he had was her shoe she had left behind … and was on a quest to find his new beloved!

He made each of my friends try on the shoe …. and, alas, none were a perfect fit. Finally, Adam, seemingly desperate, begged the lady of the house to make sure she did not know of anyone else. She said no, but my “fairy godmother” Heather said “I know a girl” and nudged me toward Adam. I tried on the shoe (which he stole from my apartment).

It fit perfectly and he called in the attendant (my friend Christi), carrying a lovely pillow made by my mom, with a tiara and a RING on top! He put the tiara on my head and said, “I love you with all my heart … will you please be my princess forever?” I quickly answered yes & we began to celebrate.

There's more … he said we had to call my mother in California, because he promised. I quickly called her to tell her the good news, and she said, “You can tell me more when I see you tonight!”

Now, I was utterly confused. Adam took my hands and said that if I agreed, he had planned our wedding already for 6:30 the following evening in Las Vegas, where our families were ALREADY WAITING!

We got married in the most beautiful ceremony with our closest friends and family, had a reception planned by my sister Loisa, and left for Rome the next day for a week (which he had ALSO arranged with my boss)

Let's just say, I was the happiest, most surprised bride in the world!

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