What Engagement Ring Fits Your Personality Best?

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. The handsome groom, the dress fit for a princess and most importantly the ring. Brad Pitt would give this ring (naturally) in some grand Prince Charming-like gesture on that pinkish, happy, card and candy giving holiday, Valentine's Day.

Ok ladies, back to reality. Since Angelina got him first, you’ve moved on and found another man of your dreams. But does he know what sparkler is right for you?

That's where our friends from Tiffany & Co. come in handy! Whether you're daydreaming of a prince this love-filled season, or crossing your fingers that your guy will pop the big question on Valentine's Day, here are some ring choices, based on your personality and character traits.

Click your personality type below and read what ring fits you best!

• The Trendsetter • The Mother • The Second Marriage
• The Diva • The Athlete • The Intellectual
• The Minimalist • The Artist • The Environmentalist
• The Entrepreneur • The Adventure Seeker • ENGAGEMENT RING HOME

All of the rings featured are available at Tiffany & Co. (800) 526-0649.