Britney Spears' Troubled Life to Be Portrayed in Dance

Britney Spears' life shapes the plot of a 14-minute dance called "Meltdown."

The contemporary work by choreographer Hubert Essakow follows Spears as she deals with paparazzi and shaves her head. It ends with Spears being carried off on a stretcher.

"It will be performed ... for one night only with four other short pieces of work," said Craig Titley, director of marketing at the Rambert Dance Company. "Meltdown," part of the company's "Season of New Choreography," was to be performed Friday at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Essakow told the British Broadcasting Corp. that Spears' story is "a modern day tragedy."

"You can't open a newspaper without her being in it," he said. "I became obsessed by every detail of her life."