Breast implants aren't just for women anymore.

The number of men turning to plastic surgery to obtain chests of steel — think Superman or even Brad Pitt in Troy — is not only up, it's way up, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

There were 409 pectoral implant procedures performed in 2006, a 99 percent increase over 2005, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

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"It's such a confidence booster," according to one San Francisco massage therapist who got the implants two years ago as a 40th birthday gift to himself. "I walk a little taller now. And of course you want to buy every tight white T-shirt. It's crazy," he told the Chronicle.

Pec implants, like breast implants, come in an array of sizes and surgery pricing starts at about $7,000. The massage therapist, who asked not to be identified, said he paid $12,000 and has no regrets. "People buy cars, right? People buy property. I thought, 'I'll buy a set of pecs.' Like shopping at Crate & Barrel. 'I'll take that one,' " he added.