Facebook Cops Allegedly Brag of Hitting Pedestrians

Police are under fire for bragging and joking about crashing their vehicles and hitting pedestrians while on the job in a strange Facebook group.

The British officers even posted photos of their damaged police vehicles onto the "Yes I have had a POLCOL" group in what appeared to be a game of one-upmanship.

"POLCOL" is a term used by officers to describe a police collision.

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"If you have had a POLCOL tell the world about it," the group’s administrator said on the page.

"If you have a picture of one share it."

One group member claimed to have even "knocked" a deaf person off a bicycle while listing his top five POLCOLs.

"1. I reversed a van down a darkened alley way and knocked a blokes fence down," he said.

"2. Knocked a moped off (not to count cos he f**ked off)

"3. Knocked a deaf bloke off his bicycle

"4. Vicinity only on the A13 when a car decided to get out my way and another car didn’t.

"5. Slight rear end shunt at 6mph."

London’s Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair told the Daily Mail newspaper that the behavior of officers signed up to the Facebook group is "totally unacceptable."

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"If true, this behavior is completely unacceptable," Sir Ian told the newspaper.

"We will conduct a rigorous investigation to find those responsible."

More than 360 people have already signed up for the group.