Sign of The Times

So, in The New York Times last Sunday, there was a stupid piece on American war veterans going homicidal and how they've committed 121 murders total, Stateside. But this is The Times, of course, so you know they left something out. I'm talking context — oh, and a soul.

New York Post writer Andy Soltis, among others, points out that the murder rate for returning vets is actually one-fifth that of young Americans who did not fight.

The take-home message: If you want peace, make warriors.

It's no wonder that The Times and others also bought that corrupt Lancet study — the one funded by George Soros — claiming 600,000 Iraqi dead from the war. When you need to validate your own bitter assumptions about America, you'll swallow anything.

And that number is almost as unfounded as The Times current circulation numbers, which, if they drop any further, will be read less than my favorite book, "Goiters A to Z."

The truth is, The Times dumps on soldiers because they don't know any. The rest of us worry about Usama and Ahmadinejad; The Times editors target 17-year-old kids eating MREs 10,000 miles from home.


Because those kids don't read their paper and they don't care who Paul Krugman or Maureen Dowd are (they're the same person, actually) and that makes them worse than Hitler. Just like you are, if you don't agree with me.

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