Friday Finals: Weekly Winners and Losers

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It's Friday Finals: Our weekly listing of the big winners and losers as chosen by me and Heather and "The Big Story" staff.

Let's look at the losers first:

Sadly, we have say that the president of France is a big loser because of a very embarrassing problem with women. His ex-wife Cecilia is calling him bad names in a new book and dumping on his new wife-to-be, former model Carla Bruni.

Dr. Phil is a big loser. He should have never gone near the Britney mess. Now, he didn't get a Britney TV show and he's getting trashed by her parents. Ugly.

The dead body scammers are losers. Who really thinks you can roll a dead guy around trying to cash his last government check? People know a dead guy when they see one and it was jail for the scammers.

I don't want the hate mail, but Ron Paul is a loser. He did get in the debate Thursday night, but became an immediate target for all the other contenders.

Now to this week's big winners. Here they are — take a good look:

Rachel Smith — Miss USA — is first on my list. She went to visit our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over the holidays to show her support and then she appeared on this show Thursday — two winning moves.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain are winners for obvious reasons. They went around together last year on some fact-finding missions and many people suspected they might be running against each other in the fall. Seems like a good chance now.

The late Robert F. Kennedy is a winner. This week the governor of New York proposed renaming the Triborough Bridge here in New York, the RFK Memorial Bridge. That's no small matter and a good move.

Debra Lafave is a winner. The hot-for-teacher, multiple-offense defendant was in court again — found guilty, but spared jail. You could call her lucky, but it's a definite win, as she could have been serving hard time.

Those are your big winners and losers of the week — this week's Friday Finals — and that is My Word.

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