Study: Circumcision Does Not Affect Sexual Satisfaction

Circumcision does not affect sexual satisfaction and should be used to combat the spread of HIV, according to a new study.

The study, published in the U.K.-based urology journal BJU International, involved nearly 5,000 Ugandan men: half were circumcised and half were not, the BBC reports.

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The results showed there was little difference between the two groups when asked to rate performance and satisfaction.

"Our study clearly shows that being circumcised did not have an adverse effect on the men who underwent the procedure when we compared them with the men who had not yet received surgery," said Professor Ronald Gray of the Bloomberg School of Health at Johns Hopkins University, in a news release.

"Other studies already show that being able to reassure men that the procedure won't affect sexual satisfaction or performance makes them much more likely to be circumcised," explained Gray.

Some studies suggest circumcision can cut HIV infection rates by up to 50 percent.