Sisters Who Place Madeleine McCann Suspect at Kidnapping Scene Report Seeing Suspicious Blond Men

Two British sisters vacationing in Portugal at the time of toddler Madeleine McCann's disappearance claim to have seen a pair of suspicious blond men near the McCanns' resort apartment shortly before the little girl was reported missing.

The sisters, Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen, also said they saw primary suspect Robert Murat outside the apartment, according to London's Daily Mail.

They reported spotting two 30-something blond men in Bermuda shorts standing on the balcony of an empty apartment just a few doors down from where the McCanns were staying in Praia da Luz, the Mail reported.

The men were eyeing the pool and tapas bar of the Ocean Club mere hours before the British girl disappeared, the sisters told the newspaper.

Wiltshire, 58, and Jensen, 54, said the behavior of the pair struck them as strange. The two men were standing outside the patio doors of an apartment that had been vacant all week, surveying the resort's pool and restaurant area.

"It was odd because I hadn't seen them before. In May the resort wasn't busy," Wiltshire, 58, told the Mail. "There were only about 60 of us staying in the apartments, and you got to recognize all the other people. One of the guys was walking down the steps and as I looked at him, he walked back up and started talking to the other one."

She said the blond strangers had a view of the entire resort and the McCanns' apartment.

"It just showed how easy it would be for anyone to use those balconies to watch the area," Wiltshire told the paper. "It has haunted me ever since."

The sisters' story also bolsters the theory that Murat, 34, lied about where he was the night Madeline's mother reported her missing. Eight witnesses including the sisters have now placed Murat at the scene of the kidnapping, casting serious doubt on his alibi that he was at home with his aging mother at the time.

Murat has denied involvement in the case.

Wiltshire and Jensen didn't file a report with police in Portugal, but contacted British authorities after returning home from their vacation, according to the Mail. They have since been in touch with the private detective agency the McCanns have hired to find Madeleine.

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