Pop Tarts: Beyonce Bares All

Beyonce Knowles, the "Dreamgirls" diva, has apparently stripped down to nothing but a pair of skin-tight jeans to promote her new clothing line, House of Dereon.

"Her clothing line is all about curves and comfort," an insider told us. "And Beyonce knows how to bring that out."

And amid the rampant rumors that the "Irreplaceable" lyricist and her beau Jay-Z tied the knot last week in Paris, Pop Tarts popped the pair on Sunday Night at the opening of Jay-Z's new 40/40 club in Las Vegas (and for the record, there were no rings on show).

"I just want everyone to have a good time and not get caught up in the whole glitzy pretentious clubbing thing," Jay-Z told us. "But I'm up for a big night, and a big year next year. Good things are gonna happen."

Joining the likes of Mariah Carey, Pauly Shore, Bo Jackson, Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and a heap of the hip-hoppin' hotties heated up the Strip, partying with Pop Tarts well into the wee hours.

But they weren't the only ones getting the New Year's Eve good times going early in Sin City.

Pop Tarts also popped Mandy Moore making her move into PURE on Friday night just after midnight with a posse of pals. The starlet looked sexier than ever as she made all male jaws drop, including that of her ex-beau DJ AM whose head turned more than turntables as Moore meandered by.

Mandy made her own "Walk to Remember" as she mingled with "The Hills" hosts Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado, who also could not keep their eyes off the pop princess. The Hollywood hotties kept the crowd screaming until the wee hours before Pop Tarts popped Moore making her moves outside ... followed by Jenner.

So where was LC? Apparently, the on-again/off-again girlfriend of Brody was getting pampered at home with the parents in prep for her New Year's hosting gig in San Diego. Tarts has heard that she and MTV pal Audrina Patridge will rake in a sweet $20,000 each to party in 2008 ... Not bad for chicks who've earned their fame like, shopping and going to the beach!

But "The Hills" boys were certainly making the most of their time in Vegas, and earning themselves some post Christmas cash while they were at it. Brody and Frankie spent Saturday night at LAX where they hosted and hopped alongside Kevin Federline. Meanwhile, Hollywood's hottest heiresses, the Hilton sisters, were in practice for their big bash on New Year's Eve by partying up at PURE. The normally low-key Nicky obviously took some Paris pills as she was happy to pose with her big sis for pics all night long.

Britney Supports Virgins, MK Olsen Not-So-Innocent

She (and her lil' sis) might be far from being able to wear white, but Britney Spears still supports Virgin — well, the Megastore at least.

The songstress spent her Saturday strutting into the Sunset Boulevard location (which shuts down for good next month) to pick up a swag of CDs on sale. Spears and a posse of paps caused chaos in the already rockin' spot where a sales assistant tells us that our pop princess wanted to be "Like A Virgin."

"She asked what we had of Madonna's," said the clerk. "From her early days..."

Who knows — perhaps Brit and the newly prego Jaime Lynn are planning to do a little "Papa Don't Preach" to ring in the New Year?!

Speaking of celebrations, it seems Mary-Kate Olsen is lucky to be livin' on to see another year. The "Full House" star and a mystery male made their moves out of a liquor store over the weekend after picking up a case of Corona ... But did a very naughty, dangerous thing when they decided to walk without the guidance of the white lighted man.

The pair made a run for it across the road and narrowly missed being hit by a car coming by. Goodness! It would have been such a shame to waste all that booze so close to New Year's Eve...

Hollywood's Hairiest & Scariest: Brit & Linds are Losers But Who Has the Lushest Locks?

It's been a big year when it comes to Hollywood Hair — but Britney isn't the only one who has committed severe sins when it comes to looking after 'dem locks.

"Britney Spears looks like a trainwreck," said famed Beverly Hills Stylist, Stuart Gavert, owner of star-studded salon Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills. "And Lindsay Lohan's hair looks really tired lately — she is just too blonde. It makes her look completely washed out." But back to the Britster, it seems she doesn't know how to dress decently either. The "Crazy" crooner also topped Us Weekly's list of the year's "Worst Dressed."

So while these Tinseltown two could do with a hair treatment, who has proven themselves to be lock lovely through 2007?

"You can't go past Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts," Gavert told Pop Tarts. "And of course the Hilton sisters — and even their mother! That family always has a wonderful head of hair that shows off their features."

And even though our post-pokey Paris pulled out those Barbie-blonde extensions, this trend isn't necessarily set to take over Tinseltown. According to our star stylist (who is responsible for the magical manes sported by the likes of Lisa Kudrow and Christina Applegate) extensions will still rock Rodeo Drive in '08.

"They are still hot, providing you can't tell you're actually wearing them. Wearing the right kind of extensions is a great tool for women to add volume and make hair look thicker and more luxurious," he added.

And if your New Year's Resolution is too look a little A-List, here is what is tipped to be Hollywood hot:

- The newest evolution is a return to "the bob" because it lies close to the head. It is sleek, sexy, and so easy to maintain. This season's bob will be shown with bangs, which are worn down on the forehead in a sweeping motion.

- As for color, the trend is moving towards less and less highlighting (or at least less light highlighting). If one chooses to get highlights, they are in the range of their own hair color, and not overly "done."

- Red, auburn and copper tones are taking over Tinseltown.

But which sexy stars are already ahead of the 2008 tress trends in Tinseltown?

"Christine Lahti has the most fabulous red hair — it always looks coiffed and perfect," Gavert added. "And Nicole Kidman is always fabulous — her look is timeless and never over-done. These girls are setting an example for what lies ahead."

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