Louisiana Cop Killer Wore Nazi, Confederate Flag Emblems, Jewelry

The man who killed two Bastrop police detectives and was then killed in a shootout carried Nazi and Confederate emblems on flags and jewelry, and had them tattooed all over his body.

Dennis Clem, 26, and Tanya "Little Feather" Smith, 24, had left Houston because Clem was wanted for questioning in the July 14 killings of a 15- and 19-year-old outside his home.

Smith has pleaded not guilty to six weapons charges related to the Aug. 10 killings of police officers John Smith and Charles "Chuck" Wilson in Bastrop.

Evidence lists, interview transcripts and rap sheets added to the court record last week give a more complete picture of the couple. The documents show that police found drugs, weapons and supremacist trappings in their room and vehicle.

Those included fifteen flags, decorated with Nazi symbols and slogans such as "Heritage not Hate;" three bags of jewelry bearing Confederate emblems; Nazi pins, patches and clothing; tattoo stencils and materials.

Clem's tattoos included swastikas, an Iron Cross and the slogan "Kill 'Em All." Though Smith's affiliation with organized white supremacy is not clear, prison booking photos from a prior arrest show swastikas on her body and "Love Thy Race" across her lower back.

Donald "Alex" Brendle of Mer Rouge, the person Bastrop police were actually looking for on Aug. 10, told police Clem had created some of Smith's tattoos.

He had rented the hotel room, and police were looking for him when they went in to search it. According to police reports made public record last week, shooting started soon after Tanya Smith closed the door behind the officers.

Brendle said Clem was a "ranking member" of the Aryan Circle white supremacist prison gang — a position which he said required violence in prison. Brendle, charged with possessing a firearm after a felony conviction and as an accessory in Smith's flight back to Texas, told police he is no longer associated with the gang.

"He wasn't the type that, you know, (says) 'I surrender' or anything. ... Clem was more or less like a silent, deadly person," Brendle told an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent after his arrest.

Clem served time in Texas for deadly conduct — behavior that places another in danger of serious bodily injury.

In 2005, Clem and Smith — both of whom had previous felony convictions — were arrested by the ATF crossing the Mexican border into Texas with marijuana and a gun, reports show.

Brendle told investigators he took them to his family property in Oak Ridge, where Clem shot handguns and Smith fired a sawed-off shotgun later seized by police. Officers found marijuana and methamphetamines in their room during a search after Smith and Wilson were killed. Tests showed both drugs in Clem's body.

Chrystal Harrell, who told police that she did not know what had happened when she gave Smith a ride out of town, is jailed on accessory charges.

Clem was arrested two days later in a Houston mobile home park, allegedly surrounded by Aryan Circle members.

Smith faces nearly a dozen state charges, including two counts of second-degree murder. She is charged with weapon and drug offenses in federal court.