'Big Story' Picks Biggest Winners and Losers of 2007

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It's our list of the biggest winners and losers of 2007. We had some interesting discussions today when we chose who would make these lists! Let's start with the losers as chosen by me, Heather and the rest of "The Big Story" staff.

Don Imus is the first loser. A serial bigot who spews hatred against blacks, Jews, women, gays and the disabled. Imus should have a white hood over his head, not a microphone in his face.

Mike Nifong is also a big loser. He ginned up racism and ruined three young lives by lying, fabricating and hiding evidence — all so he could get re-elected.

O.J. Simpson, of course, is a loser this year. A heinous killer and chronic narcissist who may finally end up where he belongs: prison forever.

Howard K. Stern is also a loser in 2007. A nefarious svengali sycophant who may have helped supply the deadly cocktail of drugs that killed Anna Nicole Smith and her son.

And we cannot forget Roy Pearson, the final loser on our list this year. He's the judge who sued a dry cleaners for $ 54 million over his lost pants, lost the lawsuit and his job. This goofball needs a wedgie with starched shorts.

Now to the biggest winners of 2007. It's been quite a year!

We begin with Gen. David Petraeus. He is a big winner for brushing aside the naysayers and not losing sight of the job that needed to be done. Because of that, Iraq is more secure today.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is also a big winner in 2007. A Frenchman who gets it. He came to America and told everyone he loves us and our way of life. What's not to like?

The Colorado church security guard Jeanne Assam is also a big winner. When other security guards shied away, she stepped up and took aim to help save people from a crazed gunman.

And remember the Ohio Eagle Scout, 17-year-old Andrew Larochelle? He is a winner for taking on the government and wining. The Architect of the U.S. Capitol stripped a reference to God from a certificate that came with an American flag that was flown above the building in honor of Andrew's grandfather. The Washington bureaucrat was forced to change his policy.

Finally, our troops are the biggest winners of all in 2007 for their commitment to our country. Many have missed holidays at home, children's births and many other celebrations, all while risking their lives. We thank you for that.

And those are the biggest winners and losers of 2007!

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