Man Jailed After Allegedly Biting Off Part of Woman's Ear

A Louisiana woman is missing the top third of her right ear and her former boyfriend is facing an aggravated second-degree battery charge.

Todd Griffin Stutts, 31, of West Monroe, was arrested early Thursday morning.

According to arrest reports, the victim came home to her West Monroe residence in Ouachita Parish and found the door locked. She shared the residence with Stutts, but the two are no longer a couple, reports stated.

The victim told deputies she banged on the door and Stutts finally opened it, grabbed her by the shirt and jerked her inside, causing her shirt to rip.

During the struggle, Stutts allegedly bit a "chunk" of the woman's right ear off, deputies said.

The victim still had her car keys in her hand and began striking Stutts in the face and managed to escape with her juvenile daughter.

Deputies checked the area, but could not locate the piece of ear.

Stutts' bond was set at $5,000.