Friday Finals: Weekly Winners and Losers

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Time for "My Word" and that means its "Friday Finals," our list of winners and losers of the week, chosen by me and Heather and the staff:

First the losers...

Mike Huckabee: Let me count the ways. The pheasant thing was good for a day until the Bhutto assassination made it look silly. That thing he said about America apologizing to Pakistan was weird and Heather says he's a geek because he not only hunted squirrels and killed them, he ate squirrel. Ugh.

Tiger Boys: The tiger boys are obvious losers. The two brothers may have gotten their friend killed, then they refused to cooperate with cops, making it look like they may indeed have been taunting the tiger and felt guilty for what they caused.

Al Qaeda: Al Qaeda is a loser. Killing Bhutto right before the American primaries means America is once again roused from its domestic slumber and confronted with the reality that they still want to kill us and we should pick a president who will kill them.

John Edwards: John Edwards is a loser, but you knew that. This time it's for an ad he's running in which he sounds like such a trial lawyer. Putting out a closing argument from a lawsuit against a rich corporation as a political ad is dumb, dumb, dumb.

And now to our winners this week...

Here they are. Take a good look at them:

John McCain: John McCain is first. As he says he's "older than dirt, has more scars than Frankenstein," but he hangs in there. All of a sudden his dead campaign appears alive and well because voters have been reminded wisdom may indeed come with age.

Benazir Bhutto: Weirdly, we think Benazir Bhutto is a winner. She was a martyr for democracy and for fighting Islamic extremists. You shouldn't have to die to do good things, but sometimes that is what happens anyway.

Nicolas Sarkozy: French president Nicholas Sarkozy is a winner. Young and handsome, freshly divorced, and with a hot new model girlfriend. Everybody knows if you've got a supermodel girlfriend you must be a brilliant statesman and politician.

Francesca Lewis: Francesca Lewis a winner. She's the sole survivor of an airplane crash in Panama that killed her young pal and the pal's father and the pilot. When unconscious, she said, she dreamed she was safe and warm in her bedroom at home, and now she will be.

Those are your winners and losers in this week's “Friday Finals.”

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