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In my opinion, the murder of Benazir Bhutto was, in part, an attack on America. Whatever else the United States has going on with President Musharaff, Bhutto was very American in some ways, particularly in her opposition to Islamic extremists.

In an interview with Gail Sheehy that is to be published a week from Sunday in Parade magazine, Bhutto said the following: "I am what the terrorists most fear: a female political leader fighting to bring modernity to Pakistan. Now they’re trying to kill me."

Bringing modernity to Pakistan means bringing the Islamic extremists to heel. that's an enormous problem in Pakistan where the Secret Service is riddled with Taliban sympathizers, where the military has been in cahoots with extremist agents for years, and the Western part of the country is controlled by extremists and is a no go zone for the Pakistani military.

So Bhutto was on our side, in the sense that she knew how dangerous Al Qaeda types were for her country and she was determined to see that they could not and would not take over.
in staking a position against Islamic extremism that was in many ways even tougher than the position taken by President Musharaff, it was clear that the extremists could not let her regain power in Pakistan.

So even though today's carnage was on the other side of the planet, it really did strike close to home, and all Americans should be worried about what happens now. The way Americans can deal with this crisis is to carefully consider their vote. This election is about the same issue the last election was about... the War on Terror. It's not about health care, and as important as our economy is, it's not about that either.

We need someone who has the strength of mind and the resolve to see through an ugly fight that will have to be fought. It's not a choice. The people who killed Bhutto would kill you too, and if the next president gives them a chance, they will do it.

That's My Word.

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